Down we go

Another steep downward plunge for President Tweety.

Yeah, he should have left them in jail for not kissing his bum – or rather, because the father of one of them didn’t kiss his bum; the players themselves all thanked him.

Got it all – the rude nickname, yet again that stupid “the Great State of” formula, the political sabotage, the random “quotation” marks, the lunatic claim that he’s our favorite, the vindictive gloating.

Head of state, and he’s obsessing in public over the fact that this one guy doesn’t love him.

Uh huh. People were rejoicing that he’d put the reversal of the ban on trophies on hold while he pretended to “think” about it, and already he’s letting them know he was toying with us.

Wall! Wall! Wall! And while we’re at it, how about some gas chambers?

Hurry up with cutting taxes on the super-rich, willya!

Blah blah blah football players blah blah National Anthem blah blah NFL blah.

Head of state, don’t forget. Head of state, obsessing over basketball players and football players.

President Trump gets all his “information” from Fox “News.”

(You see I actually know how scare quotes work.)

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