Good morning Don

The latest in Donnie.

Yesterday everyone was pointing and laughing at his tweets screaming that what he wants is a BAN god damn it not some politically correct intermediate step but A BAN A BAN A BAN. People were laughing because now the courts can just point at his tweets and say “unconstitutional”; job done.

So of course he said it again, to make sure.

Good job, Don. You’re awesome at this.

Actually no. As journalists I’m pretty sure it’s pure gold to them. I know it is to me as a blogger. But as citizens? That’s another story. You shame and degrade us all every day with your disgusting xenophobic eruptions. That’s not a media thing, it’s a citizenship thing.

Uh huh, and you also planted big wet sloppy kisses on Saudi Arabia, which does more funding of Islamism than anyone else.

Tsss. Not if you “would have” – if you had. Lordy. At least get an aide who can write basic English to proofread your tweets.

At any rate, we take note of your preference for Fox & Friends over the Washington Post and the New York Times, and we laugh a bitter laugh at your assumption that we would recoil in horror at the thought of your having no chance to win the election.

But you’re right, of course. If Fox “News” didn’t exist you wouldn’t be in the White House.

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