Good morning Donald T

Trump has been busy on Twitter this morning. Lashings of retweets of Fox & Friends, and libeling of James Comey, and lying about what he said about Putin – and the absurd claim that putting his clothing merchant daughter in his seat at the G20 was “standard.”

“Very standard” my ass. If it were very standard you would see other heads of state doing it, and you don’t. If it were very standard you would have seen other US presidents doing it, and you didn’t. It’s not standard at all, it’s grotesque, it’s Ruritanian, it’s Marx brothers territory.

Also what’s this “Angela M” shit? Is he so clueless that he even thinks it’s ok to refer to heads of state who are women in that condescending way? Funny otherwise that there’s no chat about Vladimir P, isn’t it.

If cats took over the State Department the dish would run away with the spoon. I can think of meaningless counterfactuals all day long; what’s his point?

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