Guest post: How the cake got burned

Originally a comment by Screechy Monkey on Let’s debate his points, so his bad ideas can be defeated.

Pastry Chef: So, I see the cake got burned. Weren’t you supposed to take it out of the oven when the timer went off?

Assistant: Well, I agree that the cake is burned. But I believe that we need to investigate the role of sugar in this.

Do we really?

Oh, absolutely. You see, this cake recipe uses a full cup of sugar, but I found a couple of recipes on the internet that only use 11/12ths of a cup. Sugar tends to burn. That’s just science.

What time were you supposed to take the cake out of the oven?

2 o’clock. But, really, the sugar content…

And what time DID you take it out?

3 o’clock. But I think you’re focusing too narrowly on a single issue here. Look, nobody’s denying that cooking time and temperature play a role in baking a cake, but you’re showing an appalling disregard for science in claiming that the chemical make-up of the cake batter has no effect.

Well, I’m NOT claiming that. I just think that the fact that the reason the cake is burned is almost entirely due to the fact that it was in the oven for an extra hour; whatever contribution an extra 1/12th of a cup of sugar might have made is pretty negligible compared to that. So our focus should maybe be on following the recipe and taking the cake out on time. If after that, we still have a problem, then maybe we can tinker with the sugar level. And by the way, top culinary schools and cookbook authors have tested this issue and found that a cup is correct.

But I have Google links! You are refusing to discuss ideas! Ignoring SCIENCE!

(sigh) Look, just make up a fresh batter according to the recipe, and remember to take it out on time this time, ok?

(surly expression) Whatever. Maybe

Fine, you’re fired.


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