Childe Pinhead has been making yet more threats at North Korea. It’s worked beautifully so far, so why would he stop?

President Trump made fresh threats of force Friday against North Korea, writing on Twitter that the U.S. military is “locked and loaded” and later telling reporters that the isolated country would “truly regret it” if it attacks Guam or any other U.S. territory.

“This man will not get away with what he’s doing, believe me,” Trump said of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, whose nation, in open defiance of the United Nations, has been developing nuclear weapons capable of reaching the United States. “I hope that they are going to fully understand the gravity of what I said, and what I said is what I mean.”

Because he’s tough. He’s a manly man. He’s tough and strong and macho. Obama was weak and he is TOUGH.

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He’s not without optimism though.

“Hopefully it will all work out,” he said. “Nobody loves a peaceful solution more than President Trump. … We will see what happens.”

Childe Pinhead is the best at everything. He’s the best at being TOUGH and he’s the best at loving a peaceful solution.

Asked to respond earlier Friday to those who say his threats could backfire, Trump told reporters, “My critics are only saying that because it’s me.”

“If somebody else uttered the exact same words that I uttered, they’d say: ‘What a great statement, what a wonderful statement,’ ” Trump said. “I will tell you, we have tens of millions of people in this country that are so happy with what I’m saying, because they’re saying, ‘Finally, we have a president that’s sticking up for our nation and, frankly, sticking up for our friends and our allies.’ ”

Oh christ. I can’t stand it.

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