Guest post: The lies and condemnation never, ever stop

Originally a comment by Freemage on Forced childbearing.

Fuck, these guys just don’t quit, do they?

I do greeter volunteering at PP. Since we own the property the clinic is on, women are able to drive past protestors and park in the lot, so it’s a clear walk to the door, so our main job is 50/50 between giving the women someone to talk to on the way in so they don’t have to listen to the shouts, and standing near the edge of the property to give the protestors someone else to yell at instead of women seeking health care.

It veers between rage-inducing blather and low comedy (such as the guy who struggled to put on his custom-built harness for his 20-foot tall flagpole with that ‘Christian flag’ at the top of it). But the lies and condemnation never, ever stop. Of course they repeat the bogus abortion-breast cancer claim, and they’ll invent any tale to support their skewed view of reality. (More low comedy–one of the regulars routinely talks about how “Just a couple weeks ago, I held two babies who’d been saved when their mother turned away from this place.” Per some of the old hands at the clinic, these ‘babies’ would need to be about 7 years old at this point, since that’s how long she’s been making the claim.)

I actually heard one of the worst of the regulars (they’re all bad, but some are more ‘sad’ than ‘vile’–this asshat is definitely at the ‘vile’ end of the spectrum) declare to a guy who had stopped his car to tell them to fuck off that, and I quote, “No woman ever died because of pregnancy. They died because of complications from the pregnancy.” I don’t think you could get an angel to dance on the edge of the razor he tried to split that hair with.

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