Pattern detection

Polanski is in the news again.

Renate Langer, a 61-year-old former German actress, has reported to the Swiss police that the film director Roman Polanski raped her at a house in Gstaad in February 1972, when she was 15.

Ms. Langer is the fourth woman to publicly accuse Mr. Polanski of sexual assaulting her when she was a teenager.

You might say it’s a pattern with this guy. You might say he seems to have had a taste for sexually assaulting barely pubescent girls.

Ms. Langer said in the interview that she had not previously reported anything to the police — and did not confide in friends and family at the time — largely out of concern for her parents. She said she told a boyfriend years later.

Her parents have now died.

Harland Braun, a lawyer for Mr. Polanski, the 84-year-old award-winning French-Polish film director, declined to comment on Ms. Langer’s accusation. Mr. Polanski pleaded guilty in 1977 to unlawful sex with Samantha Geimer when she was 13, but his lawyer has disputed other similar accusations in the past.

In August, a woman in Los Angeles, identified only as Robin M., came forward at a news conference to report that Mr. Polanski had sexually assaulted her in 1973 when she was 16.

At the time, Mr. Braun said in a statement that Mr. Polanski’s reaction had been “I don’t know what this is about.”

In 2010, the British actress Charlotte Lewis also accused Mr. Polanski of abusing her sexually when she was 16.

He’s a fugitive from justice in the US, since he fled the country in 1978 just before he was due to be sentenced in the Geimer case. Many Hollywood lovies have demanded he be pardoned.

In August, a Los Angeles judge declined to drop the case against Mr. Polanski in the United States for the second time.

On Monday, The Hollywood Reporter published an interview with Mr. Polanski in which he said he considered the Geimer case to be closed.

“As far as what I did: It’s over. I pleaded guilty,” he said.

And then fled the country before sentencing.

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