His daughter’s eyes welled with tears

So Ivanka Trump has at least once grokked the full horror of her horrible father, if the Times is accurate.

It was last October.

Inside Trump Tower, the candidate was preparing for a debate when an aide rushed in with news that The Washington Post was about to publish an article saying that Mr. Trump had bragged about grabbing women’s private parts. As Ivanka Trump joined the others waiting to see a video of the episode, her father insisted that the description of his comments did not sound like him.

When the recording finally showed he was wrong, Mr. Trump’s reaction was grudging: He agreed to say he was sorry if anyone was offended. Advisers warned that would not be enough.

We see yet again what a pig he is – if “anyone” was offended. He pokes you in the eye, then he grudgingly says he’ll apologize if you say your eye hurts.

Ivanka Trump made an emphatic case for a full-throated apology, according to several people who were present for the crisis discussion that unfolded in Mr. Trump’s 26th-floor office. Raised amid a swirl of tabloid headlines, she had spent her adult life branding herself as her father’s poised, family-focused daughter. She marketed her clothing line with slogans about female empowerment and was finishing a book on the topic. As she spoke, Mr. Trump remained unyielding. His daughter’s eyes welled with tears, her face reddened, and she hurried out in frustration.

Well, on second thought, maybe that’s nothing to do with grokking the horror. Maybe it’s just irritation that he ignored her advice. Either way, she’s working for him and thus complicit with him now, so it doesn’t matter. She may be “poised” but she’s a moral vacuum.

In interviews last week, she said she intended to act as a moderating force in an administration swept into office by nationalist sentiment.

There’s no moderating something like that.

Some former employees express surprise at her new policy interest, saying she was once reluctant to grant them maternity leave. But other observers call her the administration’s best hope for progress on gender issues and say they are encouraged to see a presidential daughter, and a top member of a Republican White House, advocate federal paid family leave. (She intends to go beyond her father’s campaign pledge and push to include both fathers and mothers, according to a White House official.)

How about a living wage and overtime pay for the Chinese women who make her clothes?

Those close to Ms. Trump say she is generally business-friendly and socially liberal. But she says that on many issues, she does not have strongly held views. (In the White House, she uses corporate terms — like “business plan” — as much as partisan or political ones.)

Of course she doesn’t have views – she’s empty-headed. No one would be paying the slightest attention to her if she weren’t an offspring of Donnie from Queens.

For now, Ms. Trump acknowledges how much she has to learn and asks the public to be patient with her.

“I do believe that in time I’ll get to the right place,” she said. “In the short run I’ll have missteps, and, in some cases, I’ll take shots that I could have avoided if I had publicly said what I think.”

“I’m really, really trying to learn,” she added.

Yeah no. People who have “much to learn” shouldn’t be doing that job in the first place. This isn’t Darling’s first job, this is the fucking government, and she has zero relevant experience or education. No we’re not going to be “patient with her.”

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