It’s being a tragic day. Let’s play a popular game I just invented called Fantasy Headlines.

Trump Dragged Away Screaming by Federal Marshalls

Trump Extradited to ICC for Crimes Against Humanity

Trump Convicted on Multiple Counts of Fraud, Corruption, Perjury, Witness Tampering

Sentenced to 375 years

Rape Victim Wins Case Against Trump

Awarded 7 billion dollars in damages, vows to share with Trump’s other victims

Trump’s Hair Sculpture Blown Off in Sudden Unexpected Gale

Trump Addresses Rally in Omaha

Crowd laughs, heckles, throws popcorn

Trump Found to Owe the US Public 3 Trillion Dollars

Judge draws up payment plan

Trump Tower on the market for 600k

Mar-a-Lago Alligator Attacks Trump

Nothing left but the red baseball cap

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