In blatant disregard of his oath

Jennifer Rubin (a conservative) on Trump’s attack on the US justice system:

When Trump pops off about the defects of our justice system with no understanding of what he is saying, he underscores his unfitness and undermines one of the great jewels of American democracy, the court system. For Trump to slander the courts as a “joke” gives aid and comfort to our enemies (both terrorists and thug-ocracies such as Russia). It is a regrettable but natural continuation of his indefensible slurs about “so-called judges.” Unfortunately, Republicans have been too cowardly to take him on, even rhetorically on this point. Nevertheless, one cannot ignore his unwillingness to defend the Constitution, of which courts are a part, in blatant disregard of his oath. His meek retreat this morning underscores just how ignorant he is — and how willing to make irresponsible assertions.

Today he’s been screaming for the death penalty – yet another thing a normal, reasonable, ethical, halfway decent president should not do.

All caps scream for death penalty twice in three tweets. He’s like a rabid dog – a dog who was never a nice dog in the first place and is now a brain-inflamed monster.

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