It’s not “partisan”

The Post tells us how the campaign to discredit the FBI in hopes of protecting the most corrupt incompetent mendacious malevolent president we’ve ever had has picked up steam lately.

This is Republicans and “conservatives” trying to discredit the FBI, which is quite a turn-up for the books. Time was, the FBI and the Republicans were best buddies and their common enemy was anyone to the left of Gerald Ford. The FBI has a long long history of treating everyone on the left as suspect and “UnAmerican”…but now suddenly everything is switched, all to defend a guy who is both criminal and hateful in every possible way.

If I were a Republican I would be doing the opposite, because I would not want to be tainted by this horrible man. Flake and Corker seemed for awhile to feel the same way, but it surprises me that more of them don’t. It surprises me that they’re so keen to tie themselves to a lying mean bullying sexist racist shit like him.

For months, efforts to discredit special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 campaign flickered at the fringes of political debate.

Now, the allegation that FBI and Justice Department officials are part of a broad conspiracy against President Trump is suddenly center stage, amplified by conservative activists, GOP lawmakers, right-leaning media and the president himself. The clamor has become a sustained backdrop to the special counsel investigation, with congressional committees grilling a parade of law enforcement officials in recent days.

All to defend that terrible man. It’s just nuts.

The partisan atmosphere is a sharp departure from the near-universal support that greeted Mueller’s selection as special counsel in May — and threatens to shadow his investigation’s eventual findings. Trump, while vowing to cooperate with the special counsel, has also encouraged attacks on Mueller’s credibility, tweeting that the investigation is “the greatest Witch Hunt in U.S. political history.”

That’s the part that surprises me: the “partisan” aspect. However partisan one is, I would think moral squalor at the Trump level would override that.

The controversy, percolating for months, escalated dramatically in early December with the revelation of text messages in which one of Mueller’s former top investigators, Peter Strzok, called Trump an “idiot” last year and predicted Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton would win the election in a landslide.

As the deputy head of counterintelligence at the FBI, Strzok played a critical role in both the Clinton email investigation last year and the Russia probe before he was removed by Mueller this summer.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who met with Fitton earlier this year and has for months alleged that the FBI was working against Trump’s election, said in an interview that many of his Republican colleagues now share his view that there has been an orchestrated effort against Trump.

“I’ve had all kinds of Republicans come up to me and say, ‘This is unbelievable, it looks like the FBI was trying to put its finger on the scale here,’ ” Jordan said.

But, see, it’s not clear that that’s because they were “partisan” or favoring the Democrats or political at all, because most of what’s wrong with Trump is to do with Trump, not with politics at all. Strzok called Trump an “idiot” – well he is an idiot, and Republicans and conservatives can see that just as well as Democrats and lefties. It’s not inherently partisan to see Trump as both an idiot and an ignoramus, and thoroughly unqualified to be president, before we even get to his issues of temperament and character and morality.

Trump is busy demonstrating his swampy disgustingness today.

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