Not so fast, Donnerz

Take a bow, Seattle.

A federal judge in the city of that name has put a  temporary nationwide restraining order on Trump’s loathsome ban.


Forgive a spot of local patriotism.

A federal judge in Seattle has ordered a halt to enforcement of President Trump’s controversial travel ban on citizens from seven predominantly Muslim nations.

U.S. District Judge James Robart at a court hearing Friday ruled in favor of Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who filed a lawsuit to invalidate key provisions of Trump’s executive order. The order indefinitely blocks entry to the United States for Syrian refugees and temporarily suspends entry for citizens of seven majority-Muslim countries.

In a legal filing asking for the restraining order, Ferguson, a Democrat, argued Trump’s travel ban targets Muslims, violating the constitutional rights of immigrants and their families.

“Federal courts have no more sacred role than protecting marginalized groups against irrational, discriminatory conduct,” said the filing by Ferguson, state solicitor general Noah Purcell and Colleen Melody, head of the attorney general’s civil-rights unit.

Trump lawyers have said Washington state lacks standing. Oh really? Any idea how many international flights arrive at SeaTac every day?

In a 19-page complaint, Ferguson alleged Trump’s executive order violates constitutional guarantees of religious freedom and equal protection. The state of Minnesota had joined as a plaintiff, while attorneys general in several other states have also taken legal action against the controversial ban.

Ferguson’s lawsuit includes quotes by Trump during his presidential campaign, including his original pledge for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” The lawsuit alleges that constitutes evidence that the order was “motivated by animus and a desire to harm a particular group.”

Isn’t there some legal doctrine that says people get to say whatever they want in a campaign and it can’t be cited as evidence that they’re racists shits later on when they declare racist bans? I don’t  know the Latin for it, but I’m sure it must exist.

Washington’s lawsuit has been backed by major corporations, including Seattle-based and Bellevue-based Expedia, which have criticized the immigration order’s impact on the state’s economy, businesses and higher-education institutions, as well as on families and residents.

At the hearing Friday, state solicitor general Noah Purcell said the harm to University of Washington’s students and faculty who are stranded out of the country due to the order is “direct and immediate.”

The president’s order sparked legal chaos and a wave of protests nationwide over the weekend, with a huge crowd pouring into Seattle-Tacoma International Airport amid reports that refugees and immigrants from countries targeted by the travel ban were being detained there.

Some immigrant air travelers were flown back to their countries of origin, while others were allowed to enter the country with the help of immigration attorneys.

That’s coastal elites for you – we’re handy for the foreign countries so we have lots of foreign people. Of course, those foreign people tend to bring some talents and skills with them, but never mind that – some of them might be Mooooooslims.

I’m proud of my adopted city.

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