One lol too many

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Ah well as long as it’s only cishetero white people she’s calling cockroaches that’s fine.

No it isn’t. The Hutus saw the Tutsis as oppressors too; the Nazis saw the Jews as all-powerful and oppressive; othering dehumanizing language is not always aimed downward.

That’s a peculiarly dense question. Historically, “cockroach” has been a racist epithet, but the word isn’t inherently limited as such. It’s a fungible epithet; it works to dehumanize anyone.


ZoĆ© Samudzi says it’s fine to call people cockroaches.

It’s not “fake” and it’s not “offended.” She sounds like Rush Limbaugh. It’s a principled criticism of using othering language like that, with a note of the way it has been used by e.g. the Nazis, Hutus inciting genocide against Tutsis, Katie Hopkins inciting loathing of migrants.

That’s just a deflection. It’s like shouting “But her emails!”

There’s no “pretending” about it. “Cockroaches” does in fact have a history of being a precursor to genocide.

Not the point. The point is that it’s not ok to call people cockroaches.

Well that’s embarrassing for the editors.

Her “argument” is of no interest. What interests me about her is her way of bullying people on social media. The fact that she calls them “cockroaches” is the subject, while her “argument” is not.

Yes, indeed it is. It’s very racialized. Why, exactly, is that funny? Why the lol?

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