Shouts from the residence

Trump has been especially loathsome on Twitter this morning. He’s probably cranky because the grownups won’t let him go to Taco del Mar this weekend, on account of how the news media keep pointing out how very much time he is spending on vacation at our expense.

It makes me want to smash things to see our head of state publicly deploying rude nicknames as if he were five years old. He is degrading us all, and it makes me furious.

He’s so dense as well as malevolent. A mistake in prediction is not the same thing as fake news.

The Times is not failing, and in fact Trump has boosted their circulation, but he always calls it that, as if he were five years old.

He was supposed to be working this weekend. Instead he’s just watching tv. At least we don’t have to pay the bill for the Secret Service to stay at Taco del Mar.

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