Russia said

Trump has issued a public statement disputing the claims in yesterday’s news with his usual dignity and taste, as well as his usual epistemic caution. He chose Twitter as the best venue for this well-reasoned official statement.

Russia just said it’s not true, Donnie tells us. Ah well then – case closed. There is no possible way Russia could be lying about it, so we have no choice but to take their word for it and move on.

Donnie has NOTHING TO DO with Russia, he tells us. In all caps, he tells us. Ah well then – there’s no more to be said. Obviously he would never lie about it. Obviously he has shown himself to be scrupulously honest at all times and on all subjects. Obviously he has no reason to lie about this. Obviously we should believe him and forget all about this naughty story.

To drop the sarcasm now – “FAKE NEWS” – this terrible man has the gall to talk about fake news. He was a “birther” for years. There’s some FAKE NEWS if you like. He spent years spreading the FAKE NEWS that Obama wasn’t born in the US. He’s a bad malevolent lying piece of shit, and he has no standing to accuse anyone else of “fake news.”

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