Lived experience

That was an awful experience. Painfully, squirmingly, let me out of here awful.

I hate watching the way he bares his lower lip so that you see his teeth – it’s so ugly and hostile and wolfish.

I hate, as always, watching his dreadful stunted clumsy gestures.

I hate hearing him say CHInah over and over again. He says “China” the normal way when it’s “the China sea” but when he names the country it’s CHInah every time. He also says – less often – JaPAN, with the same dopy aggressive emphasis.

I hate his word salad.

I hate his stunted vocabulary. I hate all the “very very” this and “he’s a fantastic guy” that.

I hate how dim he so obviously is. I hate it that he didn’t do better than I expected. I hate it that he really is just as idiotic and ignorant and simple-minded as he appeared all along. I hate it that this puffed-up bag of wind with the urine-colored combover will be president next week. I hate it that he’ll be able to kill us all if he takes it into his tiny little head.

I hate his stupid bragging.

I hate his stupid bragging about not doing something there should be no question of his doing in the first place – I hate it that he bragged about turning down a deal with a “very nice guy” in Dubai.

I hate everything about it. It’s so degrading. I feel dirty.

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