The de facto chief cartoonist for alt-Twitter

I hadn’t heard of the cartoonist Ben Garrison until I was looking for something else a couple of hours ago and saw this masterpiece:

ThinkProgress wrote about him last month:

Spend any time on some of the internet’s more devoted pro-Trump sites and you’ll likely come across one of Ben Garrison’s cartoons. Instead of using his artwork to mock the president, he frequently depicts Trump as a young, muscular, all-American hero, standing up to the Deep State swamp monster or slaying the dragon of Political Correctness

Since 2015, Garrison has been the de facto chief cartoonist for right-wing communities online. His work regularly features at the top of the popular sub-reddit, r/The_Donald, and has been shared by Mike Cernovich and Julian Assange. Garrison now has nearly 100,000 followers on Twitter. He is also no stranger to controversy.  In 2016 he was accused of racism for drawing a cartoon that featured a pageant-ready Melania Trump next to a butch, unhappy-looking Michelle Obama.

Well accusing him of racism is just political correctness run mad, mk?

There’s more of his work on his Facebook wall:

Image may contain: 4 people, text

When did Trump ever observe a moment of silence? When did he ever look like that? But more to the point, which is more useful, a moment of silence, or trying to prevent mass shootings? Why are we supposed to think an empty pious gesture is a sacred good thing while actually trying to do something about the killings is rude and noisy and something only a horrible old witch would do?

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That’s not the Carmen Yulin Cruz we all saw last week.

On the other hand, the guy also posts nice photos of Montana landscapes on his wall.

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