The little fingers stab the keys

Your morning TwitterTrump.

Last night he interrupted the flow of invective with a sportsball rejoicement. Rah.

Then today it was back to business.

Perfect, isn’t it? Any poll he dislikes is “fake news.” Trumpian epistemology in a nutshell.

And what does he think he means by “people want”? Of course some people approve of his ban, but others don’t. He can’t tell how the numbers fall just by looking out the window.

Plus the usual thing – we already have border security and extensive vetting.

The presidency is not about One Big Manly Man calling his own shots. It’s not a dictatorship, it’s not an absolute monarchy, it’s not being a general or an admiral. It’s not a matter of “calling shots” at all. Telling us how peremptory and autocratic he is is not the way to go. We already know he’s like that, and that it’s one of his biggest flaws.

Then of course there’s the fact that he actually doesn’t, really, not with Bannon in the room.

Then there’s the laughable claim about data. Hahahahahahaha no you don’t, dude.

Then there’s the “everyone knows it.” That’s that “they all love me” delusion again. The audience for his inauguration was HUGE. Everybody loves him. All those protests are just fake news.

Then there’s the actual misappropriation of the label “fake news,” yet again.

Then there’s the move to demonize the press, yet again.

All that in one tweet. He gets a lot of bullshit into one tweet, I’ll give him that.

He was on O’Reilly’s show yesterday, too. So he’s going to do O’Reilly every day, now? That’s going to be his response to “fake news” i.e. news that reports on his many crimes and blunders? Good plan. Very presidential.

And, to wrap up the morning’s blurts, yet another cock-wave at the Times.

And with that the screaming toddler closed the Twitter and went to the office.

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