The dignity of the office

The morning Donnie.

It’s disgusting that he thinks he gets to say anything at any time about “fake news” when he’s been such a dishonest and determined promoter of actual fake news himself. I know I just said that yesterday, but attention to Donnie from Queens requires a lot of repetition. Birther fake news, the Central Park 5 fake news, “Crooked Hillary” fake news, those jobs at Carrier fake news, to name just a few.

Also – it is beyond inappropriate for a president-elect to try to suppress legitimate news organizations. We have a free press. He wasn’t elected dictator. He’s acting like a fascist.

Good god – he shares a random tweet because it flatters him and has little sun emojis in it?

Again – he gave up his ability to make credible accusations about made up, phony facts many years ago, by pushing so many made up, phony facts himself.

Buy LLBean because they like me Donnie. That’s dignified.

See above.

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