Watch out! It’s political correctness!

CFI Portland is throwing a Trumpesque event in ten days.

The New Campus Thought Police

Two brilliant and uncompromising thinkers, bestselling author Christina Hoff Sommers and Portland’s own Peter Boghossian, will share the stage on January 27th with political comedian and host Dave Rubin for a live “fireside chat” on the hot-button issues of speech, gender, and culture at PSU.

“The New Campus Thought Police” will be presented by both the Center for Inquiry in Portland, as well as Freethinkers. The event will feature honest and unfiltered conversation about the controversial subjects of free speech and political correctness on college campuses. This will include issues such as microaggressions, trigger warnings, safe spaces, cultural appropriation, victimhood culture, and more.

Yes, there are plenty of silly people on the left, as there always are. Yes, many of them get too worked up about things that aren’t all that important. No, the best people to talk about such things are not Christina Hoff Sommers and Peter Boghossian.

Also, don’t worries about college students demanding trigger warnings seem a little less urgent now as Donald “I hate political correctness” Trump slithers into the White House?

You know…CFI is a secular humanist organization. The humanist part is important. CFI is about values as well as epistemology – it’s never been one of those “pure” skeptical outfits that insist on keeping political and moral ideas out. This is not a good look for a secular humanist organization.

It’s happening, and I don’t think “no platforming” is a good idea except in truly extreme cases, but I think this is pretty sad.

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