A historic world leader

Trump is feeling perky.

The Moony paper calls him “Trump the orator” – because he read an address written by other people, from a teleprompter, slowly and with difficulty and not at all well. Some orator.

Also, applauding himself. Also Mussolini-face.

Funny how he always cites Rasmussen, which always has his numbers higher than anyone else.

Why the scare quotes on his own name? Is he saying he’s not real? Is he telling us he’s a myth or a political fiction? Is he signaling that he’s being held captive?

Why is he talking about himself in the third person?

Sad about “their” for “there,” especially when immediately followed by the [cough] alternate spelling.

Anyway – nope, the memo does no such thing. “Trump” is still going to have to talk to Mueller. Feeling perky is not the same as being either vindicated or found innocent.

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