A piety too many

No. I think this is completely wrong, however highminded it sounds.

Yes it does. The fact that the norms this POTUS flouts are the norms that say we should treat other people with respect and fairness and basic empathy does mean that we should not reward him with attention and deference. This POTUS is an evil bullying monster, and he should not be treated as normal or naughty-but-acceptable.

The state of the union address has been puffed into what now looks like a royal ceremony, which is embarrassing. The tv networks are giving it all the solemn awe and hype they bestow on the Oscars, another pseudo-royal ceremony hyped out of all recognition.

Plus there’s the fact that this POTUS has shown us all that the famous checks and balances are worthless, so what else are we supposed to do? What else are legislators supposed to do? Just go on acting as if he’s normal, and wrong but otherwise ok? He’s not in any way ok and we get to say so.

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