The Post looks back on Trump’s lively weekend:

Asked how he would grade his presidency during a Sunday morning interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News, President Trump offered only the smallest amount of hesitation before giving himself top marks.

“Look, I hate to do it, but I will do it, I would give myself an A-plus,” he answered. “Is that enough? Can I go higher than that?”

It wasn’t even hesitation, really. It was saying “I know this is gross and conceited but hey I am gross and conceited.”

The weekend kicked off with Trump’s bizarre comments about raking leaves. Touring California communities that have been decimated by the deadliest fires in the state’s history, Trump told reporters on Saturday that he had recently been talking to the president of Finland. “He called it a forest nation,” Trump said, referring to Finnish President Sauli Niinisto, “and they spent a lot of time on raking and cleaning and doing things, and they don’t have any problem.”

As The Washington Post’s Avi Selk pointed out, Trump had made similar remarks on Friday before his California trip, telling Fox News Sunday: “I was watching the firemen the other day, and they were raking areas. They were raking areas! They’re raking trees, little trees like this — nut trees, little bushes, that you could see are totally dry. Weeds! And they’re raking them. They’re on fire.”

I saw that clip at the time. He was all wound up, the way he gets. “They were raking areas!” It’s so frustrating for him, how stupid people are – leaving all that rubbish on the floor! If they would only pick it all up these things wouldn’t happen!

The remarks provoked a fair amount of head-scratching, as Finland’s forestry-management practices are not ordinarily considered germane to the issue of wildfire suppression in the arid West. Niinisto was no less baffled: While he had discussed forest management with Trump, he told the Associated Press, leaf raking had not entered the conversation. Meanwhile, bemused Finns clarified that they didn’t actually spend their spare time raking up leaves in the nation’s forests, and responded with a hashtag: #MakeAmericaRakeAgain. Some posted humorous photos of their rakes.

Or their snow.

And then there was the part where he couldn’t manage to remember the name of the town that was devoured by the Camp fire.

“If you’re watching from New York or you are watching from Washington, D.C., you don’t really see the gravity of it,” he told reporters. “As big as they look on the tube, you don’t see what’s going on until you come here. And what we saw at Pleasure, what a name right now. But we just saw, we just left Pleasure —”

“Paradise,” interjected a slew of officials.

“Paradise,” Trump confirmed, then moved on.

Not quite, actually. He said “Or Paradise.” See what he did there? He pretended the town has two names, and he was using one while the slew of officials was using the other. It’s what he does when he flubs a word in a written speech, too – he pretends he didn’t make a mistake but is just expanding on the point.

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