Deeply disgusting Don

The Times uses the normal restrained newspaper language to describe the infantile out of control disgusting president.

President Trump accused a top Democratic lawmaker on Monday of being “one of the biggest liars and leakers in Washington,” calling Representative Adam Schiff of California “Little Adam Schiff” and accusing him of illegally leaking confidential information from the House Intelligence Committee.

In an early-morning tweet, Mr. Trump ominously said that Mr. Schiff “must be stopped,” though he did not elaborate.

The president’s insult came as Mr. Schiff is expected to call for a vote on Monday afternoon for the Intelligence Committee to release a Democratic rebuttal to the classified memo that the panel’s Republicans released on Friday, which accuses federal law enforcement officials of abusing their powers to spy on a former Trump campaign official.

Etc etc etc, as if it were all quite normal. It’s not normal. This disgusting childish spoiled-rotten bullying is not normal. This loathsome red-faced insult-spewing despot is not normal.

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