Dirty business

The Kushner Company is in the spotlight.

The New York City Council and a local tenants rights group announced on Monday that they would launch a joint investigation into the real estate company formerly headed by Jared Kushner, a top aide to President Donald Trump, over alleged falsification of building permits.

The group and a city councilman said at a press conference that they had uncovered evidence that Kushner Companies, the developer headed by Kushner until early last year, had falsified more than 80 work permits involving 34 buildings in New York.

Aaron Carr, executive director of Housing Rights Initiative, said the company failed to disclose the existence of rent-stabilized units in buildings, a move that allowed it to skirt tighter oversight during renovations and harass tenants.

For what? For More Money. For the lofty goal of getting rid of non-rich people and replacing them with rich people in order to make Lots More Money. For the one and only goal the Trump-Kushner axis seems to have, which is piling up the millions.

That’s all this is about. It’s about Kushner-Trump’s taste for expensive real estate and concomitant distaste for everything and everyone below that level. Money is their only value, their only morality. People who don’t have massive amounts of it are Losers.

Following the news of the announcement, Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu said Kushner should step down from his White House role as senior adviser.

“This is fraud,” Lieu tweeted Monday. “Jared Kushner was head of Kushner Cos at the time. Kushner should have his downgraded security clearance stripped right now until investigation completed. He should be nowhere near the White House.”

Ritchie Torres, who chairs a city council committee on public housing, said at the press conference that there was a direct link between the falsification of permits and the decline in affordable housing in New York.

The rich get richer and the poor get evictions.

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