Oops there goes the cachet

Poor Don. No sooner does the Post report that he’s hoping to add an actual grown-up lawyer to his legal team than it has to update with the news that no he won’t, because the actual grown-up lawyer said hell no.

President Trump’s legal team has at times rivaled its client when it comes to unforced errors and strange behavior. And the team became even more colorful Monday when it added Joseph E. diGenova, a former U.S. attorney who has spent recent months detailing a deep-state conspiracy against Trump on Fox.

But the latest potential addition to Trump’s team could take things in a totally different — and more disciplined — direction.

The Washington Post’s Robert Costa and Carol D. Leonnig report Trump is trying to bring well-known and well-regarded GOP attorney Theodore B. Olson onboard in a move that would seriously up the cachet of Trump’s legal team.

Potential but not actual. Could but didn’t. Trying but failed. Would but won’t, cachet but no.

There is an actual downside to being a posturing bullying clown. Maybe now that Trump really seriously needs some serious lawyers, he will find out what that downside is.

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