Donnie likes to collect all his toys in one place

Trump has canceled his fascist parade and blamed the DC government for making it too expensive.

President Trump on Friday canceled plans for a military parade this fall in Washington, blaming local officials for inflating the costs and saying they “know a windfall when they see it.”

Washington’s mayor, Muriel Bowser, pushed back on Twitter, saying that she had “finally got thru” to the president to convey the “realities” of what it costs to stage events like military parades in the city.

She put the number at $21.6 million, though the city’s costs are just a fraction of the total, with federal agencies also kicking in millions of dollars. A day earlier, the Pentagon said Mr. Trump’s parade to celebrate the military could be postponed to 2019, as officials acknowledged that the event could cost more than $90 million.

And what would all that money be for? Nothing. A treat for Trump, and a threat to the rest of us – which is not nothing but it’s also not something we should have to pay for. It would be for nothing in the sense of a reasonable goal or purpose.

Mr. Trump, who enjoys military history, called last year for a parade of troops, tanks, jets and other equipment to pass through the streets of the nation’s capital. Early cost estimates for the fanfare ranged from $10 million to $30 million; CNBC first reported the new $90 million figure.

Nicely sly wording. Trump doesn’t study or pursue or research military history, he doesn’t even read it, he “enjoys” it – meaning, he likes to watch displays of military hardware. That’s not actually military history, of course, it’s just shopping.

Mr. Trump was impressed by a Bastille Day parade that he attended in Paris in July 2017. The city is scheduled to hold its annual Armistice Day parade in November. It was not immediately clear which parade the president plans to attend at Andrews.

The president had hoped to have military tanks and jets at his own inauguration parade, but he was told he could not.

The last time a similar parade was held in Washington was in 1991, celebrating the end of the Persian Gulf War. It cost about $12 million, or about $22 million in today’s dollars.

Mr. Trump’s dream of a military parade with tanks barreling down the streets and fighter jets flying above him has faced resistance. Critics have said these parades typically mark a victory in a war. Others have said it may not be the best use of the Defense Department’s money.

I wish this stupid infant would just go away.

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