Ew lady dirt

Another showy public display of women-loathing delays another El Al flight out of New York.

Last week, a scheduled El Al flight from New York’s JFK Airport to Israel sat on the runway for more than an hour after four ultra-Orthodox men refused to take their ticketed seats next to women.

It was not the first time this has happened at El Al, which was hit by a court ruling last year barring the airline from asking passengers to move based on gender.

Throw them off the damn plane, says I. No refund, no rescheduling.

El Al flight attendants struggled to resolve the fracas as the four men refused to speak to any of the stewardesses.

Put them off the plane. They can’t refuse to sit down next to black people or refuse to speak to black flight attendants so why the fuck should they be allowed to do it to women?

Eventually the flight attendants did ask people to move and two women did agree to move and the plane left 75 minutes late.

The two women who were asked to move on last week’s flight can file a lawsuit, according to Karen Saar, a spokeswoman for the Israeli Religious Action Center, which is linked to the Reform movement.

The gesture by El Al goes against an Israeli court ruling issued in June 2017 that awarded Holocaust survivor Renee Rabinowitz damages after an El Al flight attendant asked her to switch seats because an ultra-Orthodox man wouldn’t sit next to her.

The judge also requested that El Al train their crew members to prevent such occurrences.

“Women are being asked to move, and that’s illegal,” said Saar. “It was done after El Al, almost to the day a year ago, agreed that all of their employees would be trained so it wouldn’t happen again.”

Just say no. Tell the men to get off if they don’t like it. Escort them non-violently off if they refuse to go voluntarily.

El Al apologized for the incident but said the plane was not held up as long as reported.

“The flight left 18 minutes late and not as claimed in the uploaded [Facebook] post,” said Anat Friedman, a spokeswoman for El Al.

El Al added in a statement, “Any discrimination by passengers is strictly prohibited. El Al crew members are doing everything that they can to provide good and courteous service to a wide range of passengers, and to try to assist them. This is in order to take off on time and to bring passengers to their destination with the utmost security and comfort.”

But El Al ignore the court ruling and carried out the religious fanatics’ discriminatory misogynist demands.

If the men are that damn Orthodox then they can walk back to Israel.

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