Grow stronger from adversity, kids!

There’s also Michael Shermer telling us that the right way to raise a child is to toss her onto a steep mountainside buried in deep snow, use crampons to rush up to the top yourself, and then stand there and watch while she slides down the slope repeatedly. Anything else is pathetic leftist pampering that turns the child into a tragic weakling.

He’s hilarious. I’ve spent quite a lot of time watching primate mothers with their babies and I can let you in on a secret: they don’t toss their babies down and watch while they risk injury and death. (Ok sometimes a new mother will put her baby down briefly when she gets fed up. I once watched a first-time-mother gorilla do that at the zoo I worked at. The baby went staggering after mama, and when she got close mama got up and moved farther off. She did this three times and the fourth time she got up baby let out such a scream that mama hastily picked her up again.) (But please note this was in a zoo on a balmy afternoon, not a snowy mountainside in winter.) They use their arms and hands and fingers (also legs and feet and toes) to help the baby out, and the baby has the ability to grip mama’s fur. (You know how infants instinctively grab a finger? It’s that.) The mother bear didn’t help the cub because she had no way to help the cub. Bear cubs have a very high mortality rate. The mother bear wasn’t doing an awesome job of raising a self-reliant cub, she was doing what she had the tools to do, which was stand at the top of the slope and watch until the cub made it. There was only one cub. Maybe all the others fell down the slope to their deaths.

Plus, also…why yes, actually, if a human mother took a toddler out onto a mountainside and then raced to the top while the toddler struggled to follow and slid down the slope repeatedly, child protection services would indeed be called and the mother would indeed be arrested for child endangerment. Sick burn, Shermer!

Even for a libertarian he’s a jackass.

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