Guest post: They keep treating it as politics as usual

Originally a comment by iknklast on Grave concerns.

why nobody in the media seems to grasp the gravity of what the GOP is trying to do

The media has struggled with the Trump dumpster fire from the beginning, because they keep trying to do things the same way. They keep treating it as politics as usual, so they try to figure out what the strategy is, what the end game is, what Plan B might be. None of these things exist. This is a demolition operation, and unless you understand demolition, you can’t get there.

Maddow gets it because she is able to see that this is not business as usual. But most of the pundits are in the mode of doing what they’ve learned to do, and thinking what they’ve learned to think, and acting how they’ve learned to act.

Many of the Republicans are in the same handbasket with Trump. This isn’t the Republican Party of Eisenhower, or even of Nixon, where working within the government system to promote business and lower taxes was the order of the day. This is a group of wildcats (no insult meant to any actual cats who might be reading this) who have no integrity, no conscience, no compassion, no human feeling for people outside their own set, and believe with an almost religious belief that they are a race of superior human beings. They have gorged themselves on Ayn Rand, and are vomiting Rush Limbaugh. They believe in the superman, and they are the superman. The rest of us are, to use a familiar parlance, “losers”.

They may sell themselves as promoting the “American Way”, but in reality, they are seeking to be the rulers of the rest of us. Some of them are motivated by money, some by Christianity, but a horrifying number are motivated by both. They are serving God and Mammon, and mistakenly believe that they are the natural ruling class. They believe fervently that they achieved their exalted place by their own efforts alone, because they are incapable of seeing all the people helping them as they climbed – including healthy doses of the government, which provides so much for so many and is despised by most.

This is what the media isn’t expecting. They have been part of the aristocratic class for a long time, and assume they understand it, but they are not listening anymore. They open their mouths to begin analysis almost the second the politician stops speaking, so they don’t have time to process what was said. And, if I may liken this to sports (my husband is an avid watcher), it is like those announcers who will discuss endlessly whether that ball was really in or out, whether that play was good or not, and will announce with enormous smug satisfaction what the answer is, even though they are perched in a soundproof booth above the field and may not be seeing what the refs are seeing. Just as these announcers are always totally sure that they know, even if the ref doesn’t, the pundits are convinced that they understand what is going on, even though this is nothing they’ve seen before. In short, they lack the flexibility to accommodate the new world where we find ourselves.

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