Guest post: Those Trump voters we’re supposed to respect

Originally a comment by Screechy Monkey on It’s the sense of entitlement.

Here are some more of those Trump voters we’re supposed to respect.

People who believe in a literal, physical hell and heaven, and speculate on what appliances they will have in their kitchen in heaven. (But I was assured that Gnu Atheists were arguing against a literal form of religion that nobody actually believes!)

People who dismiss Trump’s vileness on the grounds that “we are not to judge,” but claim that Hillary Clinton is “of Satan.”

People who believe Obama was a Muslim.

People who believe that the annihilation of Christians in America is nigh. (But don’t you dare call them delusional!)

People who believe that when Jesus said “love thy neighbor,” he meant “love thy American neighbor.”

People who believe that they can look around a hospital emergency room and figure out the immigration status of everyone there. (Gee, I wonder what basis they use?) People who are sure that hospital staff — for reasons unknown — are choosing to treat the illegal immigrants first and make Americans wait untreated.

People who think slavery wasn’t that bad — hey, the slaves were fed and clothed!

People who oppose having memorials to the victims of lynchings, because they’re afraid that African-Americans will be motivated to take revenge.

People who think that “Rosa Parks time” was “scary.”

But don’t you dare call them bigoted!

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