He thinks of it as a minor transgression

I haven’t finished yet.

There’s the bit where Whitehouse asked Kavanaugh about the cutesie stuff on his yearbook page, starting with “the Ralph club.” “Ralph” is slang for vomit, barf, hurl, puke. Kavanaugh said so but immediately followed that with drivel about having a weak stomach. Here’s the thing: if you vomit a lot because you have a “weak stomach” (whatever that is) then you probably don’t boast about being in the Ralph club in your yearbook. Vomiting a lot is not cute or macho if it’s a medical problem, it’s only cute and macho if you do it because you’ve poured a lot of alcohol down your throat. So that was, you know, one of his many casual lies under oath, told to make himself look better.

Then Whitehouse asks about the Ralph club all over again, and Kavanaugh gets hostile and asks him what he likes to drink. Whitehouse ignores that rude entitled question and asks about “boofing”; that’s when Kavanaugh tells the lie about flatulence.

Nate Silver prompted some thoughts.

All that is undercut by the fact that he (according to him) didn’t watch her testimony, which I’d forgotten.

Except for the part about bullying. Even if he is such a stunted smug entitled shit that he sees everyone outside his personal circle as insignificant…he still ought to know and ought to have known then that a big muscley senior boy pinning down a sophomore girl and stifling her when she tries to scream is a bad thing to do.

I wonder if he was cruel to animals.

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