Just big loudmouths

Trump at his most graceful:

Speaking before agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection officers, Trump lashed out at opponents of ICE and CBP (which Trump repeatedly referred to as CBC) who have blocked access to ICE offices and called for abolition of the agency over the administration’s policy of separating migrant children from their parents and strict enforcement of immigration laws.

“The vast majority, they’re all with you,” Trump said, calling opponents a small group that gets a lot of publicity.

“They have no courage, they have no guts, just big loudmouths. We don’t want to put up with that.”

Ah that reminds me of someone, who can it be. Oh yes, chickenshit  big loudmouth Trump, that’s who.

Trump singled out several ICE and Border Patrol agents during his remarks, including Border Patrol agent Adrian Anzaldua, who was responsible for discovering a trailer truck containing nearly 80 immigrants in Laredo, Texas.

Trump asked Anzaldua to come up to the stage to recount his actions, saying “He speaks perfect English.”

Geddit? Geddit? Despite the weird creepy foreign name that sounds like somebody brown from Down There, he speaks perfect English.

Too bad Trump doesn’t.

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