Let’s just ignore the size differences

Oh gawd I’m listening to today’s Woman’s Hour, the segment about trans women in women’s sport, and it’s excruciating. It starts around 11 minutes in, with a recorded discussion between the host Jane Garvey and an academic, Beth Jones. Jones starts with burble about estrogen and testosterone and uses the word “cis” so Garvey asks her to explain it. It means people who are satisfied with or don’t question their gender, Jones says. So that would be hardly anyone then. Garvey points out that 99% of women are not trans and Jones is all “Oooooooh I wouldn’t say that, we don’t know, wibble wibble.” Garvey says at any rate the vast majority of women don’t call themselves cis; Jones says yes that’s right, most women are cis. Jones is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Around 14:30 Garvey says should we just do away with sport divided by sex? Jones says in a perfect world that would be great but it’s probably not “feasible” now…but she doesn’t say why and Garvey doesn’t ask. Why isn’t it “feasible” now, though? What’s the obstacle?

Jones says we have mixed sport already, people on weekends in parks and things play together, it works a treat. Garvey says but in professional sport surely women would be pushed out, and Jones pretends to think there is no reason to think so at all, she just can’t imagine what Garvey means. She is thick as two planks.

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