So philosophy instructor and prize-winning cyclist Rachel McKinnon decided it was time to take on Martina Navratilova.

[Navratilova deleted that tweet in response to McKinnon’s bullying.]

Yes how dare she. In case we’ve forgotten who McKinnon is –

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That’s McKinnon in the middle, taking first prize.

That’s complete nonsense. There are many physical differences, which are highly relevant to sports performance. Some are visible at a glance, as in that photo.

McKinnon’s complete indifference to that fact and to what it means for women like the two on either side of “her” ironically do more to highlight “her” real sex than any number of terfy remarks.

Mediocre dude athlete insulting Martina Navratilova; that’s a good look.

I tend to agree. A “fuck off” would have sufficed.

Updating to add the latest:

“Fighting back after I call you out for naked transphobia” – in other words objecting to name-calling by a bullying stranger. “never ages well for people” – in other words “I am a massive narcissistic bully so I can bully you forever and nothing you say can stop me.” “No one wins, but someone sure loses…and it’s never me” – in other words “I am a massive narcissistic bully.”

“Just thank us for correcting you, apologize, and do better.” In other words never mind whether what I call you is true or not, just thank me for it and apologize. Don’t argue, don’t reason, don’t have your own views, don’t point out that you know more about being a woman than I do, just shut up and obey ME  or else.

If McKinnon really wants to convince people he is a trans woman and therefore a woman, why does he enact every entitled male trope in the playbook? Against women? Why does it never cross his mind what a tell it is? Why does he never have the slightest whiff of empathy for women?

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