Never in the history

Bumpy day up in there.

Erm…what? I think I get the “should be good: are bad” polarity; I think he means stories that should be about how awesome Donald Trump is fail to say that and instead say that he is disappointing. But the “should be bad: are horrible” one? Mystifying. They should say Democrats are bad but instead say they’re horrible? That doesn’t seem like something Trump would frown on. He must have gotten confused. He meant to do a polarity thing: the ones that should be good are bad, the ones that should be bad are good. That’s a stupid polarity because he doesn’t mean bad/good so much as flattering/unflattering, but it would at least be possible to follow. But switching to bad—>horrible halfway through makes nonsense of the whole thing. Poor Donald. He doesn’t word.

Such dignity.

Says Mister Fuck Everything That Moves, Mister grab her by the pussy, Mister I moved on her like a bitch, Mister serial sexual assaulter.

Then a silence fell; I suppose he’s on the golf course.

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