Ok that does it

This is the worst outrage of all.


That is simply a fucking outrage. It’s as if the screech a table saw makes prided itself on its cello-playing ability. I’m a writer in a small way myself and the sort of thing Donald Trump writes SHOULD NEVER BE A SOURCE OF PRIDE TO ANYONE.

Plus he hasn’t written any books, he’s hired ghost writers.

There’s also the fact that people don’t pore (he wrote “pour” with his pride-worthy ability to write but Scavino fixed it just as I was about to do a third or fourth annotation and for a few seconds I was afraid I’d been blocked because I got the “no you can’t” notification) over his tweets “looking for a mistake”…we check them out to see if he’s going to blow us all up in the next few minutes. The shit writing is way down on the list of reasons we check what he’s saying today.

His ability to write. It’s blasphemy.

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