Say the words or you’re out

For crying out loud.

The Labour Party has threatened a member with disciplinary action for referring to a transgender woman as “a man”.

Janey Hutton made the comment on a closed Facebook group, writing: “Its (sic) painful to see biological women say trans women (men) are sisters. The desperation to appear PCWOKE is vomit inducing. These are MEN.”

She then received a letter from Sophie Goodyear, head of complaints of Labour’s National Executive Committee, describing the remarks as “offensive”, saying “abuse of any kind, whether direct attacks or pejorative language which may cause offence is not acceptable and will not be tolerated in our party.”

But it’s not “pejorative language” to say that men are men, or to say that men are not sisters.

The letter, sent on October 18, added: “I am therefore writing to remind you that describing those who identify as transgender women as men is not what we would expect from a member of the Labour Party and ask that you refrain from making comments of this nature in the future. Please be aware that any repeat of this conduct may lead to formal disciplinary action.”

And yet, those who identify as transgender women are men. That’s just a simple truth. That’s the meaning of “transgender women”: men who identify as women. Labour is threatening to discipline women who say men are not women.

Ms Hutton has responded by making a complaint to Labour that her human rights have been breached. In a letter to Ms Goodyear, she wrote: “I am not under the delusion that humans can change sex. This is my belief and therefore I have this right not to have my belief invalidated by your dogma. This is also ECHR Article 9 as my FREEDOM NOT TO BELIEVE in your ideology.” She has not yet received a response.

Imagine if the Labour party were threatening to discipline members who decline to agree that a piece of bread is Jesus. One expects that kind of thing from religious bods, but from political ones, nope.

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