Scary guy in Pennsylvania

Trump did one of his campaign rallies last night and was his usual reasonable thoughtful self.

Trump said that allowing prosecutors to seek the death penalty for drug dealers — an idea he said he got from Chinese President Xi Jinping — is “a discussion we have to start thinking about. I don’t know if this country’s ready for it.”

“Do you think the drug dealers who kill thousands of people during their lifetime, do you think they care who’s on a blue-ribbon committee?” Trump asked. “The only way to solve the drug problem is through toughness. When you catch a drug dealer, you’ve got to put him away for a long time.”

As if we didn’t put enough people in prison for a long enough time.

It was not the first time Trump had suggested executing drug dealers. Earlier this month, he described it as a way to fight the opioid epidemic. And on Friday, The Washington Post reported that the Trump administration was considering policy changes to allow prosecutors to seek the death penalty.

Trump’s audience? They cheered, of course.

Chris Cillizza at CNN is less respectful.

4. “A lot of evil. A lot of bad people. A lot of bad people.”

This is Trump talking about Washington. It’s a throwaway line, but think about what he is saying here. It’s not just that there are people who disagree with him in Washington. It’s that these people are bad, they are evil. Rhetoric like this has consequences. I think Trump knows that but doesn’t really care because it works for him.

7. “He’s a sleeping son of a bitch.”

This is a sentence from the President of the United States. (He’s talking about “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd.)

10. “A certain anchor on CNN … fake as hell CNN, the, fake as hell CNN, the worst, so fake, fake news.”

This is a “sentence” from the President of the United States.

11. “Arnold Schwarzenegger failed when he did the show and he was a movie star. Martha Stewart failed.”

How did Trump get onto the ratings for “The Celebrity Apprentice”? Oh, I have no idea.

12. “NBC is perhaps worst than CNN, I have to tell you. And MSNBC is horrible.”
Updated Trump media rankings: 1. CNN 2. NBC 3. MSNBC (“horrible”).

Not for nothing: Waters is an African-American woman. And, yes, Trump is well aware of that fact.

27. “She’s a low IQ individual. She can’t help it.”

So: Trump is suggesting that the reason Waters criticizes him is because she is dumb and can’t help herself. Yes, that’s it.

And that’s only a small sample. He’s off his head.

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