Sincere but sarcastic

Another thing – small, but so typical.

A comment on that post of PZ’s:



@ 94 John Morales

(I did withdraw from her blog because I was contentious there, and annoying her, but still, it was not because I was banned there. Like this blog, to which I have returned, thanks to PZ’s (hopefully juditious) sufferance, mainly because I’m not insincere)

I was also contentious and annoying but lacked your circumspection and first got placed in perpetual moderation (for quoting Gloria Steinem) and then apparently banned (silently, sometime in the past couple of years) despite also being sincere (if sarcastic). So I suppose your obsequiousness with respect to anti-trans attitudes paid off.

The “her blog” in question is this one right here.

The last time a comment of Silentbob’s appeared here:


July 14, 2018 at 10:26 pm

it’s interesting that people who seem to consider themselves to be on the left think that is a fine woke lefty image

Who? Tell me who these people are. You seem to be developing this Thunderf00t-esque habit of of pointing to the most ChantyBinx-style characatures and claiming they’re typical. Who in the flying fuck is calling for transphobic bigots to be lynched? There are no “Trans Activitsts” calling for lynching or anything similar.

I don’t want transphobic shits to be lynched. I also don’t what antisemities to be lynched. I don’t whant Aryan supremacists to be lynched. I don’t  want members of the Westboro Baptist Church to be lynched.

Given that you apparently have no evidence this image is representative of trans activism (to but it mildly), and given we obviously have a massive transphobia problem in our society, shouldn’t you be more skeptical? My first thought when presented with an image like is would be that this is transphobic propaganda. It should at least be considered as such until proven otherwise.

See the date? July 14 (Bastille Day) this year. Not quite three months ago. Not the past couple of years, under three months ago. I let him spew his bile at me for nearly three years after I left the blog network.

The comment I didn’t allow to post came in on August 17, with one more the next day, so that’s only six weeks ago. He’s been “apparently” “silently” banned for all of six weeks, after almost three years of a good run of sarcastic insults. I think I was damn generous.

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