Some were accompanied by rights campaigners

Up for another Moral Quandary via Twitter session?

The BBC reported yesterday on the BAFTA awards and the MeToo Time’s Up campaigns.

Guests at the Bafta Film Awards showed their support for the Time’s Up and Me Too campaigns by wearing black and sending messages from the stage.

Virtually all the stars at the London ceremony were in black and some were accompanied by rights campaigners.

One of the few in a colourful dress was best actress winner Frances McDormand – but she told the ceremony: “I stand in full solidarity with my sisters.”

It’s all a bit knife-edge, isn’t it – movie stars all dressed up protesting and standing in solidarity with their sisters and stuff. A bit cringeworthy, a bit pseuds’ corner, a bit yeah yeah yeah but what about your sisters in the chicken plants and the strawberry fields? But at the same time, the movie industry is hell on the women who work in it and insultingly bad at representing women on the god damn screen, and yes, it does need to do better.

At any rate, Tom Holland tweeted about it.

To the surprise of no one, a lively discussion ensued.

I think the main problem with “why not the Yazidi women?” is the problem with all forms of Dear Muslima: it’s a way of telling us (women who aren’t Yazidi or Muslim or whatever the category is that day) that we can’t ever discuss issues local to us because there are always worse issues somewhere else. I don’t think that’s what Tom Holland meant by it, but what he said fits into a pattern that we’ve become unpleasantly familiar with.

But in addition to that, what I wonder is, what if someone had mentioned the Yazidi women? How would that have gone?

My guess is that it would have gone badly; that crowds of people would have rushed to tell the glam women off for associating their minor woes with the horrors the Yazidi women lived through.

I have written about the Yazidi women and girls, and about Boko Haram, and about women in India and Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia, but I don’t do so at the same time as I write about Harvey Weinstein. I wouldn’t link them, and I wouldn’t add a “remember the women of Iraq and Pakistan and Iran” at the end of a post about Harvey Weinstein.

Anyway, that was yesterday; today Tom Holland tweeted this:

I look forward to it.

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