Special rules

Not at all scary or abnormal or reckless.

Senior White House adviser Jared Kushner, whose inability to obtain permanent security clearance has come under renewed scrutiny in recent weeks, requests more information from the intelligence community than any other White House employee who isn’t working on the National Security Council, according to an unnamed source who spoke with the Washington Post. Kushner continues to only have interim security clearance after 13 months in the White House, since his background check still isn’t finished, most likely because he has had to repeatedly revise his disclosure form regarding foreign contacts to add information he had previously omitted.

And for extra added bonus alarm, he has no foreign policy or intelligence or diplomatic expertise of any kind; he’s a real estate manager; he’s there because he’s married to the corrupt ignorant president’s daughter.

Also…he agreed to that meeting with the Russians. How do we know he’s not just plain feeding them the information he requests and gets?

At this point, it’s reasonable to wonder if the president’s son-in-law will ever merit permanent security clearance, yet in the meantime he enjoys access to classified briefings, top-secret and sensitive compartmentalized information, foreign leaders on behalf of the country, and, according to the Post, more requested intel than anyone who isn’t a member of Trump’s National Security Council.

Kelly did some belated tidying up last week but Team Trump says that won’t hinder Prince Jared at all.

Kelly’s new stricter policy would theoretically revoke Kushner’s access to classified information as of next Friday, but considering his position and relation to Trump, an exception will probably be made for him by either Kelly or the president. Kushner’s lawyer seems pretty sure of that too, telling the Post that Kelly’s new policy “will not affect Mr. Kushner’s ability to continue to do the very important work he has been assigned by the president.”

Why would anyone assign important foreign policy work to a callow real estate manager? No one but a reckless cynical idiot.

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