Subtle hint

Oh hell.

Note the date. The BuzzFeed article came out on February 22.

Bros before hos, I guess.

Just a few weeks ago the Origins Project went on an Amazon cruise:

Join Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins for an enlightening 8-day cruise in the Amazon beginning December 30, 2017.

Spend 8 days aboard the world class Delfin II, the perfect setting to explore questions ranging from the origins of evolution and life in the Amazon, to issues of biodiversity and our changing planet as we discover one of the most exotic and endangered locations in the world.

Origins Project Director, Lawrence Krauss and Evolutionary Biologist, Richard Dawkins will lead a group of science enthusiasts on trips throughout our evolutionary origins as our ship explores the depths and diversity of the world’s largest rainforest.

Trip highlights:

  • A stop in Lima with an optional excursion to Machu Picchu
  • Lectures and dialogues given by both Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins (topics to be announced)
  • A visit to the remote Pacaya Samiria Reserve, 5 million miles of protected rainforest
  • A canopy walk in the Amazon Natural Park, suspended between 14 of the largest rainforest trees
  • Piranha fishing
  • Stargazing in the jungle and a night safari
  • Swimming with pink and gray Amazon River dolphins
  • Interacting with local villagers
  • A visit to the Manatees Rescue Center

Read our cruise brochure to learn more about this once in a lifetime adventure.

It sounds amazing and I’m sure it was (and it was fully booked). But. But I’m sick of bros before hos.

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