Taken aback

People Are Talking About one paragraph in a New Republic piece on the journalist Seymour Hersh.

To put it in a callow way, this stuff is cool. It’s also very masculine. Almost every person in Hersh’s memoir is a man—a sign of the time and the industry. But there’s an interesting moment that Hersh did not have to include. In 1974, he writes, Hersh heard that Nixon’s wife Pat was in hospital after being punched by her husband. It was not an isolated occasion. He did not report on the story, he told Nieman Foundation fellows in 1998, because it represented “a merging of private life and public life.” Nixon didn’t make policy decisions because of his bad marriage, went the argument. Hersh was “taken aback” by the response from women fellows, who pointed out that he had heard of a crime and not reported it. “All I could say,” Hersh writes, “is that at the time I did not—in my ignorance—view the incident as a crime.”

People are also asking if maybe Melania Trump’s need for kidney surgery was because Donald punched her in a kidney. Perhaps, they speculate, that could explain her disappearance from public view ever since.

In any case it’s always fascinating to see how violence against women just………doesn’t……..count.

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