The Dads don’t get a say???

Well, that’s blunt.

Note the hidden premise in “Well you’ve really done the Irish LGBT community a huge disservice. Thanks for making adoption an even more difficult prospect for them.” The hidden premise is that people’s desire to adopt children is a reason to force women to bear those children against their wills. That’s the issue here: forcibly preventing women from ending their own pregnancies. The hidden premise behind that is that women have no right to make decisions about their own bodies, that women don’t own their own bodies, that women are a public resource first of all, and owe childless people who want children their pregnancies and deliveries.

Note the hidden premise in “Oh, and for the straight guys? The Dad’s don’t get a say???” The hidden premise is that a guy who ejaculates inside a woman should “get a say” in what she decides to do about the resulting pregnancy, i.e. that he gets to veto her decision to end the pregnancy. It still happens inside her body and not his, but he gets to decide that she may not opt out.

Note the hidden premise behind all of it, which is that women aren’t fully people the way men are, because the world at large has a stake in their pregnancies that trumps women’s stake in their own bodies, rights, lives, plans, autonomy, equality, everything.

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