Those who wish to have their tickets refunded

There will be only two men to celebrate science and reason in Phoenix tonight instead of three. (Still zero women, of course. Women know nothing of reason and science.)


The Celebration of Science & Reason event in Phoenix tonight will move forward with Sam Harris & Matt Dillahunty in conversation. Those who wish to have their ticket refunded due to the absence of Lawrence M. Krauss, please call the the following numbers:
Venue sales: 1-800-745-3000
Presales: 604-785-3690

I suppose this is a built-in hazard of having these all-male Celebrations of All the Brain Things That Women Can’t Do Because They’re Stupid – one or more of the men will turn out to have a long string of sexual harassment and downright assault in his or their past or pasts.

Do they go together to some extent? This peacocking vanity of pretending to be movie stars Thought Leaders and this unfortunate tendency to trip and fall onto women?

Yes, I think so. If they get a little fame they get a lot of immunity and looking the other way along with it. “Oh Doctor Professor Man sells tickets, we can’t possibly not invite him when he’s so kindly willing to perform, we’re sorry about the gropes or the insults or both but THE MAN SELLS TICKETS thank you for understanding.”

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