What big teeth you have, Granny

From the annals of Women Who Pimp Their Granddaughters:

Davie was a client of the woman’s and kept in touch when he moved away from the Wellington area, where the woman lived.

The pair exchanged text messages, during which he asked her if she knew of any young people available for sex.

She sent him four nude photos of her granddaughter in exchange for a $40 mobile phone top-up, and he asked if she would be interested in making money from the child.

They discussed prices – Davie offered $1000, but the grandmother said she wanted a cheap car – what kind of contact would occur, and dates.

How old is the granddaughter? Ten. Plenty old enough to be raped by granny’s john, yeah? Granny probably would have taken the kid for a nice ride in her cheap car once she stopped bleeding.

Davie also said he knew someone who could train the child in sexual behaviour – Morgana Platt.

Platt, who was known as Malcolm John Platt, but now identifies as a woman, was jailed in 2009 for raping a 16-year-old girl in Christchurch, who later took her own life.

According to Parole Board documents, the 16-year-old indicated she killed herself because of Platt’s offending.

Platt and Davie had come up with a plan to find a vulnerable girl for Platt to train as a sex worker.

Well…to train as a rape victim. It seems just a tad euphemistic to call a ten-year-old pimped by her grandmother a “sex worker.”

Davie forwarded to Platt one of the photos of the 10-year-old. Platt described the girl as “yummy” and “delicious”.

Like a nice big bowl of ice cream, but with thoughts and feelings. Yum.

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