Without much backlash

It looks as if Trump won’t be able to make it to his own party tonight, but at least he will still get to make a big profit from it.

President Trump’s posh Mar-a-Lago Club is set to host a high-priced gala on Saturday night intended to celebrate Trump’s first year in office and raise money for his reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee.

Tickets start at $100,000 per couple, Bloomberg News reported.

Posh. Hm. I don’t really think of anything connected to Trump as posh. Expensive, yes, but posh, no.

The guest of honor, however, may not be there. With the government shut down and Congress in negotiations, Trump postponed his scheduled departure from Washington on Friday afternoon. But he will still make money.

By holding the event at his own club, Trump will be able to collect tens of thousands of dollars in fees for food, ballroom rental and other costs. In effect, he will have transformed his supporters’ political donations into revenue for his business.


Since Trump began running for president in summer 2015, he has repeatedly used his hotels and golf courses as venues for his campaign events — and paid himself for the privilege.

During the 2016 election cycle, Trump’s campaign spent at least $791,000 to hold events at 12 Trump-branded venues: three hotels, seven golf courses, a condo building and Mar-a-Lago, federal campaign filings show. That was on top of millions more that Trump’s campaign paid his businesses for other expenses such as hotel stays, meals and rent for office space at Trump Tower.

The experts say that doesn’t break the relevant laws unless the campaign is paying more than fair market value. It’s not illegal, but is it sleazy and gross? Oh yeah.

At any rate, word is he’s livid that he doesn’t get to go.

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