Yes we can imagine

I know this one! I can explain!

I don’t mean I know the “57 states” slip of the tongue, I never heard of it; I mean I know why it wasn’t headline news while the idiotic things Trump says do get covered.

It’s because Obama is not a bumbling brain-rotted malevolent ignorant fool, so his misspeaking on one occasion isn’t worth reporting because it’s not a pattern. One verbal fumble doesn’t mean anything, it’s just random.

Trump, on the other hand, can’t talk at all without making a hash of it. That is worth reporting because unfortunately he is occupying a position with way too much unilateral power, especially the nukes.

Also, no, if Trump said “57 states” it would not be the story of the year; it probably wouldn’t be a story at all because there would be too many more substantive howlers and eruptions to report that hour.

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