A massive sense of entitlement=peak marginalized

Janice Turner tweets:

Here at 52 mins aprox @joswinson compares a lesbian entering a women’s refuge as a risk comparable with someone who is biologically male. I’m not sure she grasps why women need the Equality Act.

The “here” is a podcast by Andrew Marr, which is UK-only so I can’t listen; Jo Swinson is the Lib Dem Leader. She says lesbians are a risk to women in shelters just as men are.

What happened to everyone’s brain? Lesbians are not a risk to straight women! Just as straight women are not a risk to lesbians. That’s not how any of this works.

One warm response:

I’m so angry at this that I actually feel sick. A supposed ‘leader’ of the ‘liberal’ democrats telling ME I’m as big a risk as a man if I need to access a women’s refuge. This is an attack on an already marginalised group who have scant support when experiencing domestic abuse.

It used to be a marginalized group. Now we understand that the only truly marginalized group is Tranz Laydeez. Women, especially lesbians, gay men, people of color, all are simply oozing privilege compared to Tranz Laydeez.

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